On Season One's finale of NOT 97 Bronx-born hip hop artist @flokennedy visits Only NY and introduces the team to new sounds from past collaborators like Duvv, a cross-cultural alt-soul artist born in Long Island based in Seoul, South Korea.

They discuss a stand out from "Bone Music," Portland, Oregon's genre-jostling MC The Last Artful, Dodgr's debut record, as well as the contagious sounds of midwest crooner Michigander.

01 "Morning Again" by Elisa
02 "Bailar" by Duvv
03 "units" by Ernie
04 "Fears" by Michigander
05 "LLC" by The Last Artful, Dodgr & Neill Von Tally
06 "2ThePoint" by Anthiny King
07 "Thru The Night" by YL
08 "Cult 45" by Shredders

Playlist available here.

Art by Micah Belamarich