FEATURING Gabe ‘Nandez

Gabe 'Nandez—the raw New York rapper—joins us on today's episode. Those that attended our Not A Showcase in October already know 'Nandez's sharp talent. The multi-cultural rapper discusses growing up around the world and the craft of creating music as a bilingual artist. 

Gabe introduces us to his longtime friend and frequent collaborator Ibekelia, as well as the street wise Rochester rapper Rigz. We sample London's young, genre-bending scene with captivating tracks from Osquello, KiLLOWEN, and Isabelle Brown. 

And we tackle the opposite poles of hip-hop through Velvet Negroni's untraditional delivery to Tanner Molique's mainstream sensibilities. 

Gabe also plays his own song, Conneries, from the album Cliquetape

01 “So I Don’t Feel Useless” by Dianna Lopez
02 “La” by Ibekelia 
03 "Simulated Void" by Osquello
04 "Places" by Isabelle Brown
05 “Adrenaline Rush” by KiLLoWEN 
06 “The Hated” by Rigz
07 "First Time" by Velvet Negroni
08 "Like Me" by Tanner Molique
09 "Conneries" by Gabe 'Nandez 

Art: Jacob Consenstein 

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