featuring Charlie Adelman

Charlie Adelman is the ideal guest for Not 97. He has years of experience working in major labels, discovering music, and overseeing artists and he currently handles marketing and product managing for Crush Music. But that’s the least of it. He also lives one floor above the Only NY Store, Not 97’s recording studio. 

For today’s episode Charlie came downstairs to join us at the table. He introduces “Ready Yet,” a contagious creeper of a single from LA’s Sasha Sloan.

Duendita—a soulful, Queens-bred singer/songwriter—flaunts versatility on the hopefully offering “Pray.” 

We explore Melbourne’s rock scene with the four-piece Neighbourhood Youth and their sunny new single “Lately.” 

And uncover underground UK lyricists like ManikMC and Verbz.

01 “Pray” by Duendita
02 “Ready Yet” by Sasha Sloan
03 "Trophy Daughter" by Sur Back
04 “Lately” by Neighbourhood Youth
05 “Rains Clear” by ManikMC
06 “Next To Me” by Marlene
07 “Slumflowers” by Verbz
08 “Let Her Be” by Starcrawler

Playlist available here.

Art by Michael Brennan