Featuring Cady Drell, Genesis Garcia, Rae Witte, and Flo Kennedy

Welcome back to NOT 97 — this is season three's bonus episode. Today's show is like never before, with Cady Drell hosting a table full of accomplished women representing all angles of the music industry who you might remember from past episodes. We have illustrious freelance writer Rae Witte, Bronx-bred hip-hop artist Flo Kennedy, and Genesis Garcia from Def Jam Recordings publicity team. 

We introduce Cincinnati art-rock four piece The Ophelias and play a low key kiss off of a song from young, New York soul singer CoCo Mamba. New Jersey's Angelo Mota gets hots on "Breakfast in Bed," his contageous ode to time-stopping morning sex. And the whole table falls head over heels for up-and-coming LA-based RnB crooner Love Mansuy on "Mine." 

01 "Fog" by The Ophelias
02 "My Body" by Lemin
03 "Nobody" M w S
04 "A Small Flame" by Loony
05 "Follow Me" The Shacks
06 "Mine" by Love Mansuy
07 "Better Than Breakfast" by Angelo Mota
08 "Drive" by Cöco Mamba

Art: Clara Kirkpatrick

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