FEATURING Arpan somani

Today's episode features our friend Arpan Somani at the table. Arpan works in brand partnerships at SoundCloud, co-runs the Brooklyn-based independent newspaper Hands, as well as manages Jachary, whose music was previously featured on the show.

Arpan introduces us to the lush melodies of two New York newcomers: Bathe & Rum.Gold.

We introduce an electrifying, genre-blending offering from Berlin’s Tuftyhead, a raw, nostalgic track from Ojerime, as well as a menacing and yet playful delivery from Chicago’s Nina Tech.

01 "If You Don't Mind" by Pieri
02 "Sure Shot" by Bathe
03 "Cocaine" by Pink Sweats 
04 "Why Do I Go There" by Johanna Samuels
05 "In The Dark" by Tuftyhead
06 "Where There's Smoke" by Rum Gold 
07 "I Know Now (2003) by Ojerime
08 "Loso" by Nina Tech

Art: Maple Shipp

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