Featuring Stro Elliot

Stro Elliot — prolific producer, multi-instrumentalist and the newest member of The Legendary Roots Crew — shares the table for Season Two's second episode.

Digging deep into London's rich, ever-evolving music scene, we introduce Hak Baker's street-worn stories, the jazz sensibilities of producer Eric Lau, and Puma Blue: a shadowy, lovelorn young soulster.

Northampton's Mal Devisa plays a raw, menacing new track called "Crowd Pleaser," experimental psych-funk project Clark & The Community is discussed, as well as a grand, cinematic fiddle-forward song by Dina Maccabee.

01 "Conundrum" by Hak Baker
02 "The Best Good (A Message From Coltrane)" by Eric Lau
03 "Want Me" by Puma Blue
04 "Walk That Walk" by Davie
05 "Crowd Pleaser" by Mal Devisa
06 "Solo On Sunday (Dahmers Boy)" by Clark & The Community
07 "Making Chit Chat With A Stranger At A Dinner Party" by Michael Seyer
08 "Push Me" by Dina Maccabee

Playlist available here

Artwork by Wes Bechtler