EPISODE 3.5 with Zach Schonfeld
Featuring Paula Mejia

With RaShaad still running around Europe, we reach back to season one and welcome back one of our first guests ever, Newseek's senior writer and Matt's flesh and blood, Zach Schonfeld. Joining the table alongside Zach is Paula Mejia, an associate editor at Atlas Obscura and the author of the 33 1/3rd book on The Jesus & Mary Chain's debut "Psychocandy."  

We start off bold with a young Toronto prodigy by the name of Mor Mor.

We discuss the many context and values of ambient electronics through Debit's song "Power Chords." Zach introduces the whimsical, warped psychadelics of polish rockers Trupa Trupa, along with Soccer Mommy's raw and devestating offering 'Still Clean."

Melbourne's Charlie Thread lightens the mood with a bouncy call for more time — "Forever and a Day." 

01 "Whatever Comes To Mind" by Mor Mor
02 "Power Chords" by Debit
03 "Only Good Weather" by Trupa Trupa
04 "Glow" by WHATUPRG
05 "Vision" by Family Reunion
06 "Caminando" by Exotica
07 "Still Clean" by Soccer Mommy
08 "Forever & A Day" by Charlie Threads

Art: Kevin Horvath 

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