Featuring Alex Gardner & Jacob Moore of Pigeons and Planes

NOT 97 wouldn't exist without Pigeons & Planes. The influential new music blog has served as a constant authority in the world of music discovery for the better part of the last decade. For season two's penultimate episode we welcome Pigeons & Plane's Founder and Editor-in-Chief Jacob Moore and Managing Editor Alex Gardner to the shop.

Through a wide range of hip-hop artists we explore the genre's globalization and the unique sounds and styles that come from such cross-cultural influence. France-born, London-based artist Octavian displays such a global influence effortlessly on the bouyant dance cut "Party Here."

We discuss the contageous melodies of Melbourne-based pop duo Oh Pep! and a mysterious loosey from King Princess, a young and unknown singer, songwriter, and producer.

01 "Facetime" by Kenny Mason
02 "Party Here" by Octavian
03 "Oceans 7 pt. 2" by Gracy Hopkins & Crayon
04 "Half Life" by Oh Pep!
05 "Sunburn" by King Princess
06 "Come Up In A Minute" by Falease
07 "Take Over The World" by The Ism
08 "Le Fog" by Matthew Progress

Playlist available: soundcloud.com/not97/sets/not97-season-two-episode-nine

Art by Michael Brennan