Featuring Rae Witte

Full disclosure: today's episode is sad, but beautifully so. With writer, social media editor, and radio dj Rae Witte at the table we introduce a round of weighty songs powered by lost love, sacrifice, self-pity, and redemption.

Rae brings in a smooth, utterly sinister break up ballad by singer, songwriter, and producer Chaisley Lussier. We break down "Evergreen," Yebba's devastating and yet somehow hopeful ode to grief.

Young Brooklyn-based lyricist Rosehardt battles through self-doubt and depression on his powerful single "Bad Song," while up-and-coming hip-hop artist Ophelia Cache stakes claim to her due fortune on the no bullshit release "Money."

01 "Easy Raider" by Pomona Dream
02 "Talk" by Chaisley Lussier
03 "Alright With You" by C.S. Armstrong
04 "Evergreen" by Yebba
05 "Bad Song" by Rosehardt
06 "Am I Enough" by Nick Nery
07 "Money" by Ophelia Cache
08 "Squeeze Me" by Keir

Playlist Available here.

Artwork by Anna Walant

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