featuring Davina O'Garro

Hailing from London, England, Davina O'Garro represents for her hometown stronger than any guest before. The former BBC Radio 1Xtra programmer has lived stateside for five years and currently works as an account manager for Epidemic Sound. O'Garro introduce Cherri V's unapologetic ode to independence "Leave Me Be" and the forceful all-female remix to Lioness's "DBT."   

The London native gets stumped with a young British up-and-comer named Zilo and her commanding sun-dipped single "Keep Up Wimmi." 

Vancouver's all female four-piece Frankiie reunits after a two year hiatus to contemplate death on the charming track "Glory Me." We discuss Cooley Savant's pointed offering "Climate Change" and the dynamic composition of an impressive young Portland producer, Quickly, Quickly. 

01 "Glory Me" by Frankiie
02 "Leave Me Be" by Cherri V
03 "Keep Up Wimmi" by Zilo
04 "Climate Change" by Cooley Savant
05 "More To Love" Queen of Jeans
06 "DBT (remix)" by Lioness
07 "Bounce" by G.L.A.M. 
08 "WOW" by Kwame

Playlist available: soundcloud.com/not97/sets/not97-season-three-episode-two


Art by Michael Brennan