featuring Cady Drell

Welcome back to NOT 97—this is Season Two’s premier episode featuring the one and only Cady Drell (@hella_drella), Glamour Magazine's current Sex & Relationships Editor.

Cady brings strong, indie rock stalwarts to the table—two bands with passionate local followings that have managed to stay under-the-radar for years: Boston’s Bad History Month & Brooklyn’s Charly Bliss.

“Big One,” a stand out from Madeline Kenney’s recent debut, is discussed, as well as the dense, industrial production of classically-trained jazz vocalist Novelty Daughter.

In addition we feature retro-inspired selections from Gavin Turek and Million Miles—singers who’ve developed fresh, modern takes on soul music.

01 "Big One" by Madeline Kenney
02 "Being Nothing" by Bad History Month
03 "What You Want" by Danny Dwyer
04 "Ice Cream & Cigarettes" by Million Miles
05 "U Want What I Want" by Novelty Daughter
06 "Black Hole" by Charly Bliss
07 "My Momma Got A (Benzo)" by Duzzo Dave
08 "Birdie Bees" by Gavin Turek

Playlist available here

Artwork by Bianca "Bonks" Rivera