FEATURING Captain kirk douglas

Season four finishes strong, featuring one of our biggest guest yet — The Roots' own Captain Kirk Douglas!

Kirk introduces us to his own flesh and blood, the 13-year-old Yung Ski Mask, along with his childhood friend: San Fransisco folk force Alabaster Adams. 

We dive into the deep soul of Kingsley Ibeneche, dig through the multi-faceted sounds of lyricists like Cain Casket and Serious Klein, as well as ride with the street-wise words of Granata. 

01 "To The Citadel" by Kingsley Ibeneche
02 The Kids At The Bar" by Alabaster Adams
03 "Voodoo Money" by Serious Klein
04 "Domino" by Caine Casket
05 "Fear of God" by Sports Boyfriend
06 "Counting Green" by Yung Ski Mask
07 "Silver Over Gold" by Iyamah
08 "It's Hard To Say No (In New York City)" by Granata 
09 "Sines" by Greg Wanders

Art: Kevin Horvath 
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