featuring Novelty Daughter

Season Two comes full circle with our final guest, Brooklyn's own Faith Harding aka Novelty Daughter, whose song "U Want What I Want" was featured on this season's debut episode. Faith introduces the off-kilter pop stylings of Ryan Powers, as well as Suzi Analogue, an ambitious electronic producer and DJ with a wholly unique sound landing in the lineage of footwork djs & experiemental instrumental hip-hop.

We discuss Loma—a newly-formed power trio from artists behind Shearwater and Cross Record—and their enchanting three-part harmonies on the single "Black Willow." Fresh-faced London four-piece Sorry offers a raw nod to grunge in their contagious track "Lies." And Portland duo Nurses delivers a warped psych balad with "In The Mirror."

We also play the title track from Faith's alluring & wonderfully daring 2017 record Inertia.

01 "Whoever You Love, I'm Cool" by Jeffe
02 "Give It A Rest" by Ryan Power
03 "Unbothered" by Omar Apollo
04 "Black Willow" by Loma
05 "Lies" by Sorry
06 "NRGNRG" by Suzi Analogue
07 "In The Mirror" by Nurses
08 "Race to the Bottom" by Ha Ha Tonka

Playlist available: soundcloud.com/not97/sets/not97-season-two-episode-ten

Art by Michael Brennan